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Employment by Sector in France and the United States, 1800-2012

Per Cent of Total Employment In 2012, agriculture made 3% of total employment in France, vs. 21% in manufacturing and 76% in the services. Construction - 7% of employment in France and the U.S. in 2012 - was included in manufacturing.,,,,,, Sources: see piketty.pse.ens.fr/capital21c.,,,,,, Data for 1800: France: C. Marchand, O. Thélot, Le Travail en France 1800-2000, Nathan, 1997, Tableau A3, p.214 (data for 1806); United States, Historical Statistics of the United States, US Census Bureau, 1976, Part 1, p.139 (total employment data and agricultural jobs data for 1800; estimates of the disentanglement industry/services from incomplete data of 1800-1840),,,,,, Data for 1900 et 1950: T. Piketty, "Les emplois de services de France et aux Etats-Unis", Note de la Fondation Saint-Simon, 1997, Tableau III, p.11 (all the details on the sources are avalaible pp.43-44; figures for the United States regard years 1900 and 1950, figures for France regard years 1906 et 1954),,,,,, Data for 2012: from employment survey 2011 (France) et current population survey 2011 (US) (see raw files in directory RawDataFiles),,,,,,

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