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European train stations

Capitaine Train train stations data, released under the ODbL license.

Up to date informations on the original repository


Capitaine Train sells train tickets for many operators across Europe.

This file contains all informations we use to identify a station in any system of the carriers.

If you want to contribute to this database, please read CONTRIBUTING.md.


The file stations.csv is distributed under the ODbL licence (see LICENCE.txt). In short, any modification to this data source must be published.

Data sources include Openstreetmap and SNCF OpenData that are under ODbL or compatible and a lot of sweat, tears and blood.

The data

The file stations.csv contains all our data representing stations. Here is an explanation of the columns:

  • id: our internal unique identifier
  • name: the name of the station as it is locally known (see info_* for translations)
  • slug: it is guaranteed to be unique across all the suggestable stations (see is_suggestable)
  • uic: the UIC code of the station
  • uic8_sncf: the SNCF sometimes uses an UIC code with 8 digits instead of 7. The last digit is a checksum
  • latlong: coordinates as a couple of decimals values
  • parent_station_id: a station might belong to a meta station whose id is this value. For instance Paris Gare d’Austerlitz belongs to the metastation Paris
  • is_city, is_main_station: this value is not reliable
  • country: 2 letter ISO code
  • timezone: as [Continent]/[country] ISO code
  • is_suggestable: can the user input this station
  • [carrier]_id: the id of the station as it is known by the carrier
  • [carrier]_is_enabled: can a ticket be booked to/from the station through that carrier
  • info:[lang]: extra information that is useful in the specific language
  • same_as: in some systems, a station can be split in two, with two id. If this value is set, the station pointed by that value should be considered as the actual station

Dataset schema

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