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Juvenile Arrests by Crime in the US

This dataset contains the monthly number of arrests of juveniles for various offenses reported by participating law enforcement agencies from 1995–2016. The arrests are by offense and broken down by age and sex or age and race. Not all agencies report race and/or ethnicity for arrests but they must report age and sex. Note that only agencies that have reported arrests for 12 months of the year are represented in the annual counts that are included in the database. The UCR Program considers a juvenile to be an individual under 18 years of age regardless of state definition. The program does not collect data regarding police contact with a juvenile who has not committed an offense, nor does it collect data on situations in which police take a juvenile into custody for his or her protection, e.g., neglect cases. Download this dataset to see totals of reported arrests of juveniles for the nation from 1995–2016.

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